A complete step by step program that will teach you how to attract high-quality girls & get laid like a warlord

What You’ll Learn In The Authentic Pimp Program?

Tapping into the God inside of you

  • You’ll learn how to debunk all of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back till now?
  • You’ll learn How to eliminate self-doubt?
  • You’ll learn How to cure your neediness?
  • You’ll learn How to tap into your inner pimp which will make you irresistible to women
  • You’ll learn How to have unparallel confidence in every social situation

Manning the Fuck Up

  • You’ll learn how to be the modern Alpha male
  • Fixes for your looks & style
  • The Alpha Body language & Aura
  • How to come across as The Natural

The secret of becoming sex worthy

  • The core basics of creating killer attraction
  • How to keep her attracted to you while talking
  • How to stop being that noob provider guy & be that crazy lover whom she sees as boyfriend material?
  • How to kill your Friendzone vibe

HER Psychology

  • You’ll become a master of female psychology
  • Everything a woman can think & feel Above all, you’ll learn how to make her respond to you sexually

The Congruent Process

  • You’ll learn the structure of attraction as a Process
  • How to initiate conversation?
  • How to inject fun & sexuality in any interaction?
  • How to turn her on by your vocal tonality?

Part 2

  • How to build comfort before taking the lead
  • How to go for the kiss, at the right time
  • How to show your intent without being afraid
  • How to escalate for the pull & close

Making her yours

  • How to be closer not be the makeout guy
  • What to do on dates & day 2s that leads to sex
  • How to get into a relationship or make her your fuck buddy

Relationship Game

  • How to find the right girl that suits your lifestyle?
  • How to avoid bad relationships & save yourself the pain & emotional trauma that most guys face?
  • How to deal with
  1. Fights
  2. When she denies sex
  3. When there is another guy
  4. When she asks for distance
  5. When she still has feelings for her ex
  6. How to have a fulfilling long-distance relationship
  7. How to get over a breakup

From Text to Date

  • How to close a solid number?
  • How to have a texting sequence that leads to date?
  • How to seduce her from texts?
  • How to have more dates than you can handle?
  • How to avoid the noob texting mistakes?
  • The secrets of social media texting

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